Orlin Data System
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Orlin Data System

Online dissemination and analysis of research datasets

The Orlin Data System provides researchers with advanced technologies for the cost-effective management and analysis of large, complex datasets about people, families and households. Our robust solution significantly reduces the cost of research by allowing analysts to manipulate data without the assistance of professional programming staff.

  • Explore complete metadata and documentation
  • Perform tabulations and analysis online
  • Create sophisticated visualizations
  • Share analysis with colleagues or the public
  • Download data for offline analysis
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Explore the data

Complete documentation for each dataset is at your fingertips. Fully indexed and linked, the variable characteristics and metadata can be instantly accessed. No more searching for documents and pdf's!

Online analysis

Quickly create tabulations and more advanced calculations. Use the high level functions to assist longitudinal analysis, or drop down to R to have complete control over your data and functions.

Extract data

Select variables and samples to download. Automatically add topical module varables to person month records. Download in multiple formats to analyze using your favorite statistical package.